Never Underestimate the Power of a Smile and Butt Butter on RAGBRAI – featuring mentor Andrew White and rider Hunter Erwine

Throughout RAGBRAI this week we will feature some of our first-year Dream Team 2013 riders and their mentors. In his second year participating in RAGBRAI, mentor Andrew White encourages riders to keep a useful perspective when encountering challenges; he enjoys helping teens reach their potential through goal setting. First-year rider Hunter Erwine’s is having a great time on Dream Team and has continued to grow throughout the training season. You’ll also find out that each has a secret weapon while on RAGBRAI…

Hunter Erwine - first year rider

Dream Team member Hunter Erwine

How have you seen Hunter grow over the weeks of training? I’ve seen how Hunter and every rider I’ve had the opportunity to train with has grown to be both physically and mentally prepared for whatever Iowa roads and summer weather can throw at them. Having grown up in Iowa that to me is a most impressive feat!

How do you help motivate each other? I always try and offer perspective and advice on how I approach a challenge without making it sound like the only way to approach a challenge. Seeing all of the Riders accomplish so much motivates me most of all. I wish I had the opportunity to do something like the Dream Team when I was their age.

How many years have you participated on RAGBRAI?  It is my second RAGBRAI. Training this year has reinforced the lessons I learned the prior year about how much of a positive influence I can have on the lives of others through persistence and dedication.

If someone hasn’t heard of Dream Team before, how would you describe it? Helping teenagers learn what it means to set and achieve long-term goals through training for and going on RAGBRAI.

Favorite Dream Team experience thus far: Hearing from a rider how they never would have believed in March what they could do in July until they did it.

What is your essential item, other than the bike, that you are bringing with you on the trip? My smile.

Favorite piece of advice? Always try and keeps things in a useful perspective because that’s the one thing you always have control over.


Interview with first-year rider Hunter Erwine

What is the first word that pops into you head when you think ‘Dream Team’? Awesome opportunity.

What are you looking forward to most RAGBRAI? Definitely the great food!

What is the coolest experience you’ve had so far on Dream Team? Finally getting to Greenie’s and being able to swim.

What’s it been like working with your mentor? It’s been great. He informs me of what is going on Dream Team all the time.

What is the one essential item that you are bringing with you on the trip? Butt butter for sure! Haha!

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