“It is the most important thing you may potentially do in a lifetime” – James Hart, Dream Team Mentor

 Throughout RAGBRAI this week we will feature some of our first year Dream Team 2013 riders and their mentors. James Hart, Dream Team mentor, describes how Kathy Frank, first-year rider, has grown over the past few months of training. James Hart is a veteran RAGBRAIer (34 years) and he is passionate about contributing to his community and impacting the lives of youth positively. Here is what he had to say about working with Kathy:

Kathy Frank conquers Sleepy Hollow Hill

A round of high fives after Kathy Frank (middle) conquered Sleepy Hollow Hill, by the Iowa State Fair fairgrounds, for the first time without stopping! On the right is James Hart, her Dream Team mentor, and on the left is Kathy’s brother.

How have you seen Kathy grow over the weeks of training? Kathy has grown from just learning to ride a bike with gears to being able to ride 85+ miles in a day in the Iowa heat and wind.

How do you help motivate Kathy? By always giving her a smile, NEVER giving up, giving her encouragement and being her friend.

How does Kathy motivate you? She motivates me by seeing her growing in her confidence, skill, determination and ability to relate to others on the team.  If there was a nomination process, I would nominate her for most improved.

Favorite Dream Team experience thus far:  Riding with Kathy when she rode her bike up Sleepy Hollow Hill by the fairgrounds for the first time without stopping!

What is your essential item, other than the bike, that you are bringing with you on the trip?  Sense of humor and determination to get everyone to the Mississippi River without losing anyone!

What would you say to someone interested in volunteering on Dream Team?  My advice is to all adults: get involved in helping our youth in the communities we live in.  They need adults to be good role models and to show them the way.  Along the way, the youth will help us in ways we will treasure.

If someone hasn’t heard of Dream Team before, how would you describe it ?  The Dream Team helps youth be better prepared for life’s challenges through physical exercise, team building, developing social skills and personal determination.  It is the most important thing you may potentially do in your lifetime.

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  1. Katie Hart July 23, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    I’m so proud of my dear old Dad! Very fun story. Best wishes to the Dream Team this 2013 RAGBRAI. What a great sense of accomplishment.

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