What We Do

What makes the Dream Team special?

The Dream team is not a cycling club or a Summer camp. The Dream Team is a five month commitment that provides a unique opportunity for teenagers to build relationships, achieve personal growth, and learn from adult mentors. The program shows youth that BIG goals can be attained with sufficient planning and preparation.

“The Dream Team gives the kids something to work for and a sense of accomplishment when they finish. Everybody has a great heart and are really great people” – Parent

How does the Dream Team do it?

green 7.8.02987Throughout the five month program, mentors and youth develop strong relationships through biking, camping, exercising, and other fun activities.  During this time together, mentors become role models and friends. These regular interactions provide opportunities to discuss challenges these young people may face. It’s also an opportunity for the teens to learn healthy habits of fitness, nutrition, and teamwork that will last a lifetime.


The BIG Finish

The program culminates with a week-long camping and bike riding adventure across the state of Iowa. The teens have a chance to meet hundreds of people and visit  dozens of towns;  these interactions would likely not have been possible without the Dream Team. The new friendships and life lessons will benefit these kids for a lifetime.