Equipment and Costs

The equipment needed to enjoy the sport of cycling can be costly. The Dream Team helps alleviate
this by providing all of the necessary equipment at no cost to the participants.

What is provided by the program

The participants will be fitted with a bike, helmet and gloves. Some cycling clothing is provided (bike shorts and jerseys). The bikes are purchased through an agreement with Bike World. Most of the clothing is purchased through RAGBRAI®, and other clothing items are donated by supporters of the Dream Team. Participants will be given water bottles to be used during training rides and while on RAGBRAI®.

All expenses for RAGBRAI® are covered using funds donated to the team. This includes the fees, food, and transportation costs. All baggage and equipment needed for the overnight campout training rides, and for RAGBRAI®, will be transported for the team members.

All fees incurred during the training program are also covered by the team. This includes the costs to participate in any organized events the team may attend, as well as snacks and refreshments for some of the training rides.

All of the equipment is stored at the Des Moines Register building downtown.

What the participants need to provide

The youth are asked to provide appropriate clothing for participating in the indoor training exercises, and the initial outdoor training rides. This includes exercise shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. For the longer outdoor training rides that occur, bike shorts may be provided to first year team members.

Since RAGBRAI® is a camping event, and some of the multiple-day training rides involve camping, the participants are asked to provide a tent, sleeping bag, and personal items needed for an overnight stay away from home. The team has some tents and sleeping bags available for use, but for the most part, team members will be asked to provide their own.