Become a Participant

Recruiting focus and eligibility

Youth participating on the Dream Team are selected from referrals to the Dream Team committee.
The primary focus of the recruiting efforts is on at risk youth; those who wouldn’t normally have
the opportunity to participate in RAGBRAI®.  The committee will not prohibit youth who are not at risk
from participating on the Dream Team.  However, in the event youth exceed the number of mentors or
funding available, targeted youth will be given preference.

rider group
The minimum age requirement to participate with the Dream Team is age 13 by RAGBRAI®. The maximum
age to participate is 18 years of age, or graduation from high school. Youth who want to participate
after high school graduation may be asked to return as a Junior Mentor (link to explanation of the Junior
Mentor program).

Some examples of organizations or programs used in the recruiting process include:

  • Mentor Iowa program
  • SUCCESS program counselors
  • Gear-Up program counselors
  • Juvenile Diversion program
  • Employee Family Resources
  • Hispanic Educational Resource after school program
  • High School counselors
  • Creative Visions Human Development Institute
  • PACE program counselors
  • English as a Second Language liaisons
  • Middle School Dean of Students
  • Latino Services Resource Group
  • Willkie House

Prospective team members and their parents or guardians are invited to meetings where the program is
explained in detail to ensure the participants understand the commitment required to participate. The
team is looking for a six-month commitment that includes the training program and participating in RAGBRAI®.

If you are interested in joining the Dream Team, please contact:

TJ Juskiewicz, RAGBRAI Director